Proof of Life

Heard a story about a perplexing archeological dig
And it made me wonder…

Hundreds of years from now
Will anyone be able to tell
That THIS is the place

Where babies were born and swaddled
Where toddlers learned to walk and talk
Where tears were shed and dried
Where laughter echoed
Where sweet and naughty dogs chased balls
Where guinnae pigs squeaked
Where Legos were built and basketballs bounced
Where comic books were read and drawn
Where cookies were baked and consumed
Where friends and neighbors gathered
Where dreams were dreamt
Where love was given and received
Where disagreements where filed and settled
Where good fortune and disappointments were contemplated
Where hands were held
Where long hugs and kisses were administered
Where art was created
Where plants grew…and someĀ could not be saved
Where time went too fast
Where decisions were made

Where life was lived.

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