Bucket List

1. Make memories
2. Demonstrate love
3. Comfort others
4. Make time for self-care
5. Say what you mean
6. Mean what you say
7. Forgive
8. Be open
9. Be present
10. Seek evidence of light and let it drown out the darkness


On occasion,
Souls are found
That fit with yours
Without effort
Or pretense
Or judgement

It’s never a strain
To sit silence
Or howl with laughter
Or curse the bad days
Or let the tears flow
Or drink too much wine
Or sing loudly and badly
In your frumpiest, comfiest jammies

Not with them
They get it
Get you

Even when they’re far away
There is a connection that cannot be seen
But it is undeniably, unbreakably felt


Sweet girl
You know all the best stories

The cute boy who broke my heart
The cute boy who won my heart
The cute boy who came back from the army two weeks too late
The stolen kisses

The graduation jubilation
The wedding dress
The honeymoon
Half Dome
Long weekends to the coast, the mountains
The babies
The car seats
The toddlers
The preschoolers
The boosters
The big boys
The tweeners

“Time After Time” on the radio after middle school drop off
The times I sobbed like a baby

Groceries and furniture
Bikes and camping gear
Home improvement projects
Instruments and sports gear
Neighborhood kids
You carried it all

Most of all, you carried me, Sweet Girl
Thanks for the memories.


Unite or Divide?
Defend or Destroy?
Heal or Harm?
Help or Hinder?
Encourage or Deflate?
Hope or Despair?
Hate or Love?

How will I use my power today?


And when the grief subsides
What remains is the warmth and joy
Of knowing that this kind of love exists
And for a while, you got to experience it


Lots of days it’s hard to dream
To keep the faith, to maintain steam

At times it seems it’s all for not
So much work for what you’ve got

But still you dream and draw and write
Maintain hope, don’t lose sight

You fill the pages with your soul
Believe the vision, see the goal

Keep on plodding, stay on track
Handle life then get right back

Tell your stories, share your art
Chase your dream with all your heart.

My Hubs, Chris Wisnia, Struggling Comics Artist

Brother Warriors

Brother Warriors
It was never really about
Pushups, crunches
Pinions, stances
Runs, stretches

Instead, it’s about

Knowing that
Even when it’s hard
You don’t want to
Things seem daunting

You can
It’s in you
Keep going.


After the Black Belt

Under This Sky

Hard to believe that under this sky…

Glaciers melt
Seas rise
Habitats vanish
Species disappear

Fires rage
Storms swell, blow, flatten
Cities flood
People die

Some close eyes, ears, hearts
Refuse change
Ignore evidence
Deny responsibility

Under this sky.

Little League Sunset

The View from Here

The mountains today were stunning My Loves
You should have seen all that snow

And the sun through the clouds, the rivers and lakes
Grassy hills in the soft morning glow

And the view from my room, all the poppies in bloom
A grand castle on the horizon

All these visions are sweet but they’ll never compete
With the moment I next put my eyes on


Daily Detritus

Pile of nonsense stacked up so high
Pardon my asking…but please tell me why

It’s so freakin’ hard to put you away
Without somebody’s mama having to say,

“There are shoes in the kitchen! Who’s tissues are these?”
“Could somebody pick up these dirty socks, please?”

You all have a place that I’m sure can be found
Without someone’s mama lurking around.