Life Outside the Core

Life inside the inner sanctum can be crazy enough but when we venture to the extended family¬†outer limits, things can get stranger still…


If you are not yourself a lover of all things comics, it takes a special perspective to partner with someone who lives and breathes comic books. Here I will tell the tales of centering vacations around comic book conventions…of occasionally being a “Booth Babe,” and of the many joys of navigating rooms full of colorful toys and books that your wee boys are expected to NOT TOUCH! It’s a fun ride and I look forward to taking you along…


Tune in here for all the dirt on loving and rearing two filthy, beautiful, manic, adorable boys.

Hello World!

All of us are on a journey. Some of us have ended up in vastly different places than where we began. I have lived many lives, taken many detours. The one constant in all my meanderings is my love, my NEED to write. It is how I sustain myself …how I process all that I have seen and experienced¬†along the way. Here in this little corner of the blogosphere, I will tell of my travels…happy and sad and in between. Buckle up and join me if you dare!