One Small Wish

Who you are
What you become
Where you end up
Choices you make along the way

None of these things are up to me.

Still, I like to dream, to wish…

That you will find your people.

The ones who see you, hear you, feel you
Even on the days you feel invisible, unheard, numb

The ones who get you, giggle in solidarity
Even if no one else is laughing

The ones who share your soul, your spirit
Even if they don’t share your blood.

The ones who make you feel like home
Even when you’re miles away from where you began.

Try as I might, I cannot always be what you need
Even though I’d love nothing more.

So I hope you find your people.

I hope you feel loved beyond measure, accepted just as you are
Even and especially on the days, in the moments
I’m unable to hold you just so
I’m lacking the perfect words
I’m struggling to reflect just how much you shimmer and shine.

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