Keepin’ it Clean

January 2015 073

Banana cakes with honey-sweetened chocolate, almond butter, slivered almonds, and honey-lemon syrup…kale/carrot/spicy avocado and bean salad…golden delicious apple and plenty of water to wash it all down

Since I have been doing the gluten free thing for a while, I’ve decided to ramp it up a bit and make a small cookbook of recipes that are healthy in other ways too. In addition to being gluten free, many of the selections are vegetarian/vegan and even the treats use minimal amounts of dairy and sugar. When sugar is used, it’s honey or coconut sugar which both have lower glycemic indices than the white processed stuff. Since I am NOT a vegetarian, a few recipes call for organic, free-range, lean meat. If you’re a vegetarian, you can skip those or substitute the meat components with something like a big beefy portabella mushroom. Surprisingly–at least in my opinion–all of these recipes are actually DELICIOUS and satisfying. If your’e looking for a way to eat well and EAT WELL, you might find something of value here. Roll up your sleeves, get out a plate and get ready to cook and eat clean!

Keepin it Clean with CBM

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