First Gluten Free Cooking Class

 The past week has been a blur of preparations for teaching my first gluten free cooking class. The class (which happened yesterday) was a fundraiser for Oscar’s school and was attended by some very supportive mommy friends from both Marguerite Montgomery Elementary and Applegate. I spent every spare moment last week writing a cook book (Contents) to pass out to participants. Even though (given the time crunch) it’s undoubtedly full of typos, it was such joy to spend the week going through recipes and photos, recalling all of the magical moments I’ve had in the kitchen with my boys these past years. I was so empowered to spend the morning creating with strong, smart, amazing women who are bright lights…every one. I can never get enough of their stories, their insights, their company. Even when staying up entirely too late to make it happen, it’s amazing how energizing it can be to make time to do what you love with people you love. Spending the week tapping into who you are at your core…starting the week filled with appreciation…THIS is what living is all about.

Flourless Chocolate Cake, Gluten Free Buttermilk Buscuits, Mac & Cheese, and Scones paired with Delicious Company


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