Vegas Baby!/Moms on the Loose!

When a friend is turning 40 and she’s never been to Vegas, it’s sort of an obligation to accompanying her on her maiden voyage. I know, I know. I’m not supposed to tell what went on during our in in Sin City. However, our adventures were just too marvelous NOT to share.

Nancy and I arrived Friday after a turbulent and scary flight that included an attempted/aborted landing and the pilot turning the plane sideways for a bit over Lake Mead. Needless to say, we were holding hands, very grateful to land, and ready for cocktails. Since we knew Merry would be arriving ready to party on Saturday morning, we decided to take it kind of easy Friday night so that we’d be raring to go too. We walked around a bit, had appetizers and cocktails, saw the water show at the Bellagio, did some shopping, got our picture taken with Batman and Joker, and rounded out the night with food and cocktails at the Sugar Factory inside Paris.

Saturday morning, we did a short run in the freezing cold (the high was about 40 degrees each day we were there) on the strip. Afterward, Nancy very astutely noticed that we could hang out in the spa all day for just $45! The spa has several different pools of varying temperatures, a hot tub, a dry sauna, an herbal steam sauna, and an arctic room. There was also complimentary fruit, water, juice, coffee, and tea. The showers were stocked with awesome spa products and the area just outside the showers had a potpourri of styling products, blow dryers, curling irons, THE WORKS! After a bit in the spa, I left Nancy to relax and went to pick up Merry from the airport. Nancy took a lunch break from her spa-ing and we had a delicious lunch inside Paris. After lunch, we returned to the spa with Merry and soaked and steamed until it was time to get ready for “O.”

“O” was AMAZING…beautiful, mesmerizing, hypnotic. After the show, we drove the strip, got our picture at the historic Las Vegas sign, checked out the Artisan Hotel, shopped a bit, grabbed a bite, and got ready to get our groove on. We hit the club (“Pure” inside Caesar’s Palace where we were staying) and did our best to blend in with the mostly 20-somethings. I had to tell a few poor little boys that I was probably old enough to be their Mama. Merry got a good laugh when I asked one poor guy if he’d like to see a picture of my kids. Merry said that she felt tempted to tell a few guys that she pushed three human heads out of her vagina. Poor guys. They were trying so hard and some of them seemed very nice.

After dancing, we went to an all-night café and shared a couple of very decedent desserts. While lamenting that we wished we could find a place to dance that was for the over-25 crowd, our waiter tipped us off to the fact that there’s an 80s Flashback club inside the Venetian. We’ll definitely be checking that out next time! At around 3 AM, we headed upstairs to catch some zzzs.

Sunday morning, Nancy and I woke WAY before Merry and tiptoed out to walk portions of the strip we hadn’t yet explored. We saw bits of The Cosmopolitan and New York, NY. Afterward, we hit the buffet at Caesar’s for one last bit of hedonism and infusion of calories before catching our plane. Exhausted and satiated, we bid our adieus to Sin City and Merry (who was flying out later on a plane bound for SF).

I look forward to many more adventures with Nancy and Merry and all the other fabulous peeps I am lucky enough to call “Friend.” Thanks, Vegas!

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