Two Tales of Secrets

In recent months, I have read two historical novels centered around secrets and the Second World War. The first is “Sarah’s Key” by Tatiana de Rosnay.  The second is “The Secret Keeper” by Kate Morton. Both books are structured so that modern-day women are delving into the secrets of the past, trying to make sense of said secrets, and right the wrongs of the past. “Sarah’s Key” centers around the Vel d’Hiv Roundup of Jewish citizens in 1942 France. “The Secret Keeper” takes place in and around London, dealing extensively with the 1941 London bombing raids. Both books were well worth the read. While “The Secret Keeper” took a little longer to grab my attention, once it hooked me, there was no putting it down. The twists and turns at the end more than made up for the slow start. Both books left me thinking about the past…about how important it is to learn lessons from those who came before and how it’s never too late to try to make things right.

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