It’s hard to know
What matters, what’s real
Except when it comes to you, My Loves.
Except when it comes to you.

It’s hard to feel
The depths of my soul
The breadth of my heart
The limits of joy
Except when it comes to you, My Loves
Except when it comes to you.

It’s hard to explain
What all of this means
What is the point
Why would I bother
Except when it comes to you, My Loves
Except when it comes to you.

You are the truths
That prove the case
That show the reason
That answer the questions
You are my truths, My Sweets, My Loves
You are the truths for me.

Country Song Kind of Love

All that came before
All that is to come
Can never change the fact that
Right now you’re The One

Put the garbage from the past
In the dumpster down the road
Doing my best to keep the stench
Outside of our abode

It’s hard to know what’s next
Life’s a tricky friend
Right now got a plan
To stick beside you to the end

So settle in there, Partner
Kick off your walking shoes
You can write a true love story
I will be your muse


Sweet chubby Teddy
Scampers about
Nibbles on carrots
Resists coming out

Sweet chubby Teddy
Misses his bro
Remembers the times
They ran to and fro

Sweet chubby Teddy
Cuddly and soft
Hides in the box
With the bottom torn off

Sweet chubby Teddy
Such a strange little pet
Neurotic and nervous
Please Teddy, don’t fret!

Comfort Food

Crystals crunch
Shells crack
This folds into that
Becomes one thing
And then another
Colors mix and flavors morph
The mixer thrums and hums
A symphony of fragrance fills the house
With warmth, nostalgia,

Starting Line


The mind steps aside and lets the body fly.

Early Morning Moon

Sliver of moonlight, winking through trees
Waiting for morning, feeling the breeze.
Peeking at sunrise, coming up soon.
Shining on birdies singing their tune.

Coin Toss

Hours, days, years
Fighting, resisting, stewing

Flipping my side up
Facing yours down

The coin has been tossed enough
The results are in

Much has been lost
Much has been gained

Two sides
Inextricably joined

Forged from the same source.
Facing opposite sides

Both valuable
Both enough


Sprouting, competing
Seemingly succeeding
Until blossoms cry,
“Not today, weeds! Make way for the TRUE stars of this show!”

Strong Like Mama

Try as she might to play the delicate flower, I know.

Growing, birthing, feeding, raising
Supporting, smiling even on the hard and awful days

All of this requires more strength, more fortitude
Than even the strongest beast of man will ever know

Parent’s Lament

I wish that I knew
Just what to do
Whenever you’re feeling this way

To help with the strain,
Alleviate pain
In the moments you push me away

I wish I could learn
Which way to turn
To get to the place you’d feel better

It’s so hard to know
Which direction to go
To get to some sunnier weather

So I’ll sit to the side
Take the turbulent ride
Ready with arms to enfold you

Whenever you’re done
Just know I’m the one
Eagerly waiting to hold you.